Croota Boxer Cats Rain

November 9, 2010

It was really the Cats Rain bloxer that threw the limelight on the Croota range of men’s designer underwear earlier this year and it continues to remain a big favourite. The trend started off in Australia and spread to Japan, Europe and the US within months. Available at

What makes this range so popular. I believe it is the mixture of great design and attractive colours are prices which are affordable for designer underwear of this quality. Don’t forget this retails at US 22 dollars for the real thing although you will find plenty of fake Chinese copies of the original on sale for a quarter of the price. Take my advice – buy the real thing or nothing at all not to be disappointed. Sell the full range of Croota


Daniel Garofali the face of Marcuse Swimwear

November 9, 2010

Australian heartthrob Daniel Garofali is the face of Marcuse, the label new kid on the block in Australian men’s designer underwear. With a body like his the low-rise swimwear range with high waist and low front, it is no surprise – the perfect match.  Marcuse also seems to be a company with a social conscience. It supports same sex marriage equality and from every pair of swimwear from the “Collection” range it donates AUS$ 5 to the Australian Marriage Equality Movement. Available at

It is always difficult to define what makes a new label a success or a failure. With Marcuse it seems to be a combination of bold colours, even bolder cuts and the fact it is offering high quality designer wear at affordable prices.

Tim Wildman of WildmanT, underwear, jockstraps and business

November 9, 2010

The true to life success story of the underwear company WildmanT who started as a waiter in NYC and whose cash register code was WildmanT – today a growing name internationally in male designer jockstraps, underwear and ball lifters. In a recent interview with

mensunderwearblog, he talked about how things began. Below we have a picture of Tim himself, hard to imagine as a skinny boy picke d upon at school when growing up in Virginia with the nickname Wildwoman! Anyway, a long way up the road today he is charge of what started as a small family company in his kitchen with him drawing and cutting the sketches and his mum sewing the models.

WildmanT offers comfortable underwear for the man who wants to show a bigger bulge (don’t we all!). He tried out a lot of method s and finally came up with one whi ch was comfortable and which really show you off at your best. And for all you follwers of Tim Wildman, here an exclusive picture. To see the full range of his underwear and padded support jocks click on the image below.

Marcuse Australian swimwear – we love it!

November 9, 2010

We at mv4men, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in mens designer underwear and swimwear, have been really taken by this new Australian label. Hot sexy swimwear defining the contours of the male body. Great designs for the new skimpy style (if you have the body show it) and bold colour mixes which makes this label pretty unique.

The “Verti” range from Marcuse is available in Steel grey, black, blue and red. It is a simple stylish trunk with contrasting front insert and the superbly cut front panel gives extra room and comfort in the pouch.
It retails at mv4men at around US50 and for swimwear od this quality and design you will have difficulty finding its match on the market at such an affordable price.

New mv4men layout and products

April 7, 2010

We are proud to present the all new on-line shop . We are following all the new ideas and trends on men’s underwear,  boxers , briefs and slips. Now we are presenting also some great over-wear.

From Quadrigae Zeus we have luxurious velvet underwear t-shirts and vests. The new “Tattoo” line with silver metallic prints or Swarovski crystals decoration in tattoo patterns . Great fabrics in new designs to brighten up our nights! All the unique products of Quadrigae Zeus, a new UK men’s underwear designer, are unique and luxurious in the extreme. The company makes use of hundreds of Swarovski crystals, combined with brushed silver and gun metal fragments to create intricate motifs on both tops and boxers. The effects are dazzling to the eye and combine well with a clever choice of fabrics – often with a shimmer to enhance the overall effect. Admittedly this is top of the range men’s designer fashion and it does come at a price but for the fashion conscious young man of today, wanting to stand out in a crowd, the sheer quality of the designs and the intricate work in creating these motifs is well worth the money.

In addition, mv4men is introducing the Croota men’s underwear range. This is an Australian/Korean company which has really made big waves on the Australian and Japanese markets. They use wonderful colour combinations in their products and combine this with outstandingly durable yet comfortable cottons to create an impressive underwear look. You can be sure that we will soon see these lines in the US and UK designer shops in the coming months.

Mv4men will be expanding its designer offers int he coming months. But we take great care in selecting the men’s underwear designer ranges. We look for quality and innovative design from around the globe. Be sure to keep up to date and in fashion by visiting us at

modusvivendi design – designer underwear for men

November 26, 2009

Hi and welcome to the official blog of modus vivendi, presenting gay designer underwear and swimwear from Greece. Originally a small insider name for quality in male underwear and swimwear, modusvivendi-design has risen to gain a reputation internationally beyond the borders of Greece. By way of introduction, the company concept is more about lifestyle than men’s clothing. The company motto is “Not just clothes – more a way of life.”

Below, by way of introduction to the winter 2009/spring 2010 collection (including the famous zipper underwear) the items below aim to appeal to the metrosexual young male and has an increasing clientele from the gay community with an eye for outstanding design. That is probably why it increasingly gets the name for gay male underwear.

male designer underwear

Back to the latest collection which has just been released. The zippered underwear range lifted modus vivendi into the range of international male underwear and remains one of the designer’s most popular lines. Visit our online store!

The modus vivendi zippered jockstrap